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Jenn's Writing Corner

Sample desctiption

Translation is a driver of the global economy, but poetry has its own reasons. When I am not translating into English, I enjoy using English to explore language, meaning, and change.

Note: While all of the other pictures on this site were taken in France or Québec, this picture was taken in my backyard several days after a snowstorm had passed. I had pulled a muscle in my back and this was the first time I was able to go outside. It had been a powdery snow that did not stick to the trees, but with the sun perfectly aligned behind this broken tree, its limbs glistened in the light. I am originally from Florida, so I still look forward to the few times it snows in Raleigh each winter. I had felt that I had missed so much while I was trapped indoors, only to find that something truly beautiful was waiting for me.

Published Poetry

“Those are not my Footfalls in the Dark,” Existere (, Spring/Summer 2010

“Transcendental Perspiration,” Talkin’ Blues, (Dylan Days Honorable Mention 2009) (

“Behind the Snow Effect at Giverny – Monet (1893)” (” PoetrySpark/Sparkcon 2009

“Sestina Magicicada”( PoetrySpark/SparkCon 2009

“The Watery Deep” Windhover ( )2008

“All Us Mammals” Windhover ( ) 2006

“Wasted Light” Windhover ( ) 2006

“The Venusians vs. Venice” ( Nth Degree 2005

L.E.O. ( ) Astropoetica, Spring/Summer 2005